Sandeep is a published author, self-funded searcher, investor, and Entrepreneur. He is currently focused on acquiring small and mid-market businesses in the United States. The objective is to build shareholder value in these acquisitions after acquisition and support employees and seller/founder’s legacy.

His goal is to launch a SearchFund within the next two years.

Sandeep has over 25 years of global experience in enterprise technologies (SAP), sales, marketing, business development, business processes, and business systems.

Sandeep’s experience ranges from startups to multi-billion organizations, having launched products and companies as an employee and Entrepreneur.

He has held multiple Global leadership responsibilities and as a management consultant for multinational corporations worldwide, including India, Canada, and the United States.

Author of two books:
GUIDE FOR ASPIRING IMMIGRANT and Family Driven Business 4.0 and Beyond


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