Dr Anthony Russell MD MBA MPH

Dr Anthony Russell, MD MBA MPH is a healthcare executive working in the healthcare industry for over two decades. He has foundational M&A partnerships in Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom. Dr Russell is the chairman of the board of directors in multiple healthcare companies in the M&A space.

Dr Russell is a public health advocate and wellness minded physician. Dr Russell is a healthcare executive in a senior leadership role at Community Memorial Health System and has served in large complex healthcare environments (i.e. Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, & UCSF), particularly focused on ambulatory outpatient care. He is determined to provide quality care and service by focusing on healthcare growth strategies finding synergies across all of the sub-sectors of healthcare. Dr Russell has grown organizational value through his experience in Health IT (EHRs/Telehealth/IOT/Wearables), Population Health, Clinically Integrated Networks, and Accountable Care Organizations.

Dr Russell is a passionate entrepreneur who acquired and exited businesses in his personal and professional career.