M&A Support

Empowering business owners with strategic collaboration for increased shareholder value, revenue, cost efficiency, optimal pricing, and successful exits. Whether you’re a self-funded searcher, seller, or a business buyer, we guide you through the acquisition journey, ensuring informed decisions in this complex process. Acquiring or selling a new company is a major decision with various factors to consider, and we understand the mix of emotions involved, from paranoia to excitement.

Buy-side Due Diligence

Our buy-side due diligence services are designed to help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. We’ll analyze financial statements, assess key risk areas, and evaluate the purchase price to ensure that you get the best deal possible. We’ll also assist with acquisition structure and provide valuable insights into tax, compensation, and benefits. With our comprehensive support, you can navigate the complex world of acquisitions with confidence and achieve success at every stage of the process.

Sell-side Due Diligence

We partner with business owners and investors, either directly or through intermediaries, to prepare for a successful sale. Our sell-side due diligence services identify potential issues early on and verify the accuracy of financial statements, ensuring a smooth process and increasing the chances of a successful transaction. Our experienced team helps anticipate and address concerns from potential buyers.

Post-Transaction Support

The real work begins after the transaction is closed. We understand that a successful transition and continued growth are essential for buyers and operators. That’s why we continue to support and guide you through the post-transaction phase to ensure your business continues to thrive and expand.

Trust us to help you through the acquisition process and beyond.

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For Sellers

We help sellers validate, correct, and organize their historical financial results, and align their historical and forecasted financials. We also prepare sellers for potential buyer concerns and assist in responding to due diligence inquiries.

For Operators

We assist with negotiating purchase agreements and purchase price adjustments, as well as finance and accounting improvement projects. We evaluate, convert, and optimize finance and accounting policies, processes, and systems, and provide integration support and consulting for converting to buyer processes and systems.

Additional Services

For buyers and operators, we conduct assessments of historical quality of earnings and forecasts, provide tax diligence and structuring support, and identify and quantify potential synergies or gaps.

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