Little Known Profit Building Strategies Webinar

Foundational understanding for Little Known Profit Building Strategies a Small and Medium Business 4 Rules of Pain and Pleasure: Your Customer’s journey for a Small and Medium Business.

• Rule #1: All Decisions Made by Human Beings are to Avoid Pain or Gain Pleasure

• Rule #2: People Will do Much More to Avoid Pain than they Will to Gain Pleasure!

• Rule #3: Perception IS Reality! – It’s the perception of pain and pleasure, not actual pain and pleasure that drives people

• Rule #4: Pain and Pleasure are Modulated by Time – focused avoiding immediate pain and we are trying to attain immediate pleasure Profit Building Strategy

#1 Value Stacking. Value vs Cost Profit Building Strategy

#2 (Own the Niche) Profit Building Strategy

#3 Ask – “who else does business with my ideal client?” Profit Building Strategy

#4 Pricing Profit Building Strategy

#5 Understand your and others Hourly Rate Profit Building Strategy


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You must start small

Don’t go spending all your time, money, and energy on something that may, or may

Refer business and earn