How to Position the Customer as Hero on The Hero’s Journey?

We all know effective content is all about storytelling. Our clients or consumers are the heroes. The content needs to address their problems and desires to connect with you, inspire and influence them in their decision-making.

While there are many theories and structures for developing your brand’s stories, my favorite is the classic “hero’s journey” from Joseph Campbell’s.

I have not read this book but have watched videos about it and listened to The Hero’s two journeys by Chris Vogler and Michael Hague on Audible. I think a few other books (Russell Brunson) talks about similar concepts.

In this post, I will provide a couple of easy and broad steps on how the structure of the hero’s journey can be applied to creating guides, blogs, etc.

  1. Position the reader as the hero.
  2. Present pain points as the source of conflict in the reader’s journey.
  3. Position yourself as the wise mentor by providing thought-leading insight and guidance to help them overcome the conflict.
  4. Show the reader a path whereby challenges are solved with the help of your business.

This is a very interesting and foundational concept for your business, for both Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs.

I will do injustice to this powerful concept if I don’t encourage you to Google Chris Vogler’s The Hero’s Journey: 12 Steps That Make Up the Universal Structure of Great Stories.

Tons have been written about Joseph Cambell, Chris Vogler and it has the potential of changing the way you write, watch movies and connect with your customers.

Once you understand this concept, you will see all movie scripts are made using these foundational steps.

Enjoy and comment below, especially the recent movie where you saw the Hero’s Journey.

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