What Is My Los Angeles Business Worth?

Knowing how much your Los Angeles business is worth and how to increase the business valuation quickly is one of the steps you can take as a business owner, founder, CEO.

What could be my Los Angeles Business Worth and How can I achieve it QUICKLY?

A non-saleable business is a job. So many business owners,
founders, CEOs
who work hard to build their companies want to know how they can
grow, scale, and exit to head to the beach or move on to better and bigger projects.

We are a full-service advisory firm. We will roll up our sleeves and invest time, money and resources to increase your business valuation.

Where appropriate, we put our own “skin in the game” to achieve our mutually agreeable goals.

What Knowing Your Valuation Does
If you are selling your company, knowing your businesses’ valuation is the basis for the sales price. If you are looking for investors, knowing the businesses’ valuation helps determine how much to ask for in funding and how much to release in equity.
You do have the option to have an independent appraiser value the business. It will cost several thousand dollars to have a valuation professional (appraiser) establish the value. However, the benefit to that valuation is limited

Our investors and business growth advisors in Los Angeles become your partners where we invest resources, time, money to get the profitability and valuation from where it is to where it commands a much higher sales price. We implement a carefully-selected group of our 45+GROWTH STRATEGIES. For example, digital marketing is one possible strategy to use which has its own 25+ strategies.

How Much Is A Los Angeles Business Worth?

Valuation is the number one question sellers ask when contemplating a sale. Formulas and rules of thumb are useful only when accompanied with clear strategies to increase that value. You need a partner who not only tells you how much is your Los Angeles business worth, she also estimates future value based on proven growth strategies. And becomes a partner in that journey to get to that goal. The valuation number then is not just a fancy number. It is a springboard for accelerated growth to be accomplished through partnership.


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