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We buy, partner, JV and or invest in small and Medium sized businesses.

Apart from investing money and resources, our alliance of investors brings in a collective 100+ years of corporate and business experience to help small and medium businesses grow, scale and exit

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SMB Capital Partners

Leslie Levy August

Investor | Advisor | Fractional CMO

Leslie Levy August has held progressively senior executive roles in global trade facilitation, surety bonding and captive insurance companies with a specialty in cross-border financial guarantees. She has extensive experience increasing valuation of small and medium companies by applying professional business practices to profitable businesses.

She has designed growth strategies, executed growth and marketing strategies (including digital), and successfully increased client market share from 16% to 44% and profit by 1000+%.

Current investment sectors include global trade facilitation, cross-border financial guarantees, insurance companies, insurance agencies, employee health & safety, therapeutic cannabis, real estate valuation services, residential real estate and manufacturing-industrial assembly.

Leighton Williams

investor | Business coach | Turnaround specialist | Author
Originally from a small town in South Wales, UK called Neath. He now lives with his family in Orange County, Southern California. Leighton has founded, scaled and sold several companies in a number of different industries including real estate, health & wellness, retail, marketing, QSR, and IT. Known for delivering real world results Leighton is particularly skilled at business strategy, business leadership and achieving massive bottom line P&L growth through operational efficiency, cost management, mergers & acquisitions and sales & marketing.
Leighton now devotes the majority of his time helping business owners to effectively manage, systemize, grow, scale and position for large capital event exits.
Sandeep Dhall MBA CBAP® CSCP
Investor | Meditator | Digital Marketer |
Business Strategist | Growth Architect | Author

He helps, Invest in, Partners with Small & Medium Businesses. He brings 25+ years of experience in Business and Technology to help small and medium-size build Moat, Grow and Scale Businesses.

He has worked for/with and advised all sizes of companies across the globe. They include from 30+ billion dollar global companies, medium size companies to a local Gym and even Solopreneurs and professionals.

He owns and runs He and his team helps businesses build their Online Presence, Get Found by customers with Full-Service Digital Marketing, and much more.  

Chris Damron

Chris is a native of Arizona. He runs and advises many businesses and startups. Chris is a 20 year executive in the payments industry.
He invests, partners with diverse types of businesses. He currently plans to disrupt the event planning and things to do industry across the world through his new start up ( He and his team help businesses build, grow and plan their successful exit.

Mike Patterson

Mike is a Business Consultant | Award Winning Speaker | Author | Corporate Trainer & Influencer

He is a recognized as a successful Marketing Strategist & Revenue, Performance Improvement and Business Growth Specialist.

Mike has helped over 50,000 individuals and practicing professionals in 40 industries to significantly increase their bottom lines

Nobel Woods III

Noble is a native of Chicago and a former active duty member of the United States Marine Corps where he served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
In 2003 Noble founded NobleCo Inc., an investment banking intermediary. This firm thrived in the industry by introducing public companies to capital.
Noble holds an MBA from the Forbes School of Business and a BA in Psychology from The University of Arizona Global Campus. He is active in his community and church and enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.
He has embarked on a journey to invest and advise small and medium business owners to build and grow their businesses. He and his team help businesses plan their successful exit.

Get access to our personal Rolodex of 1000+ of investors.

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