5 Effective Tips For Generating Million Dollar Business Ideas

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5 Effective Tips For Generating Million Dollar Business Ideas


Find Problems

Focus on one of the many problems people have that you could help them solve



Identify products/services that you can improve and how you can improve them. What can you make bigger, smaller, lighter, more durable, easier to use, more convenient, quieter/louder, more colorful, better service, etc.?


Keep your eyes and ears open

Keep an eye on trends, changes, and timing, and then capitalize on them. Think oxygen concentrators, masks, mask accessories. Utilize websites like https://www.trendhunter.com/



Is there a product you love? Do you feel it’s under-marketed or is not available in your country? There you go! Piggyback: become an agent, distributor, Joint Venture partner, or licensee/franchisee.



Find concepts and ideas doing well and then model them with improvements/additions


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